Amazing Photos Show the Movements of Diving Kingfisher After Photographer Waited Two Years for Perfect Pics

These amazing pictures showing the movement of a diving kingfisher are the result of a photographer’s two-year wait for the perfect photo.

47-year-old Vince Burton used a slow shutter speed to capture the trail of the bird as it plunged into a pond at up to 25mph (40kmh).

The torpedo-like blue kingfisher can be seen hurtling beak-first towards the water as it hunts for fish to feed its young chicks near Norwich in Norfolk.

Accountant Vince used the latest photographic techniques to reduce his shutter speed and darken the background, capturing a striking image of the kingfisher’s dive without using photoshop.

He said: “I was working with this farmland site for four years. It’s taken me the best part of two years to get this shot.”

“Normally one kingfisher holds the territory for a year and then welcomes a partner in from a neighboring territory.

“These images were taken while the kingfishers were raising their brood, which fledged a month later.”

Here at GNN, we’re so glad Vince got his perfect shots.